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In a food-world, ‘Fafda’ is called to be an identity of Gujarat, specially Saurastra! Even though I’m brought up in Ahmedabad since I was a month old, I belong to Saurastra… I’m born… Continue reading

Carrot Kheer

I can’t ever think of anything that relates me to sweets!!! Don’t know why but since childhood, I never used to like anything sweet on my plate. Umm,… Gulabjamum n Gajar ka halwa… Continue reading

Boondi Raita

Those tiny little balls, crisp and savory… I simply love them as a snack! Even I use them in chat dishes or raita as well… And if I talk about raita, I can’t… Continue reading

Mix Veggie Fritters

When you feel like doing some activity often, it means you’re in love with that activity! Or even if you have to do that with no other choice, you’ll fall in love sooner… Continue reading

Ringan no Olo – Kathiyawadi Style

Do you find anything better than having a dinner cooked specially for you??!!! And it doubles your joy when a chef is none other than your hubby :) I love cooking with no… Continue reading

Baked Onion Pakora

I always try finding alternatives to deep-fried munchies! I simply love ‘Onion Pakora’… Actually, who doesn’t??? But deep-frying these pakoras do not work everytime… :( Nearly a month back, I found a headline… Continue reading

Chatpati Chana Dal

How many of you remember those roadside ‘khhumcha wala’ selling a paper-cone full of masala chana dal or chana-jor-garam just in Rs. 10 or so??!!! Although I’m not allowed to have much of… Continue reading

Gajar Ka Halwa

I always think of ‘Gajar ka Halwa‘ when it comes to any authentic Indian sweet dish!!! Few years back, I remember an evening when my mum got a bunch of carrots from market.… Continue reading

Gujarati Dal

You can say, a famous staple-food of Gujarati Cuisine! “Gujarati Dal”, a spicy and tangy version of it… My husband specifically asks me to prepare it like the one usually found in Gujju… Continue reading