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Cauliflower-Broccoli Skewers

“Eat healthy” :) Yes, that’s my daily mantra…. Although I make unhealthy, deep-fried stuff at times but rest of all the days, I stick to have something healthy… And who says you can’t… Continue reading

Cajun Spiced Tacos

Recently, I came across a new blog and it glued me to the screen for nearly half hour. There wasn’t a database of posts/recipes but I absolutely enjoyed reading a few. And while… Continue reading

Thaali Menu – 8

‘Fusion-Confusion’ :) It’s nothing but a combination of different culinary traditions, served in a novel way. Then why not to use ingredients from around the world and cook them Indian way? That’s exactly… Continue reading

Mock Orange Chicken

Talk about Indo-Chinese food and I get myself transported back in those days I spent with my cousins. I still remember a little stall near my home – ‘Mainland China’. Well yes, you’ll… Continue reading

Built-in Gobhi Paratha

Love stuffed parathas? But tired of rolling process??!!! :P Same pinch… I actually love all sort of parathas but I’m a bit lazy to make them. I already had them in ‘Ready-to-Eat’ plate,… Continue reading

Bhoona Gobhi Masala

‘Nazar hati, Durghatna ghati’ Everyone faces this situation in their kitchen, right? I faced this many a times before… I always stay alert when I see any damn thing burning on the stove…… Continue reading

Gobhi-Palak Curry

Back at home in India, I was organizing spinach leaves in a big airy container… I didn’t much bother about where to use that much quantity, thinking that ‘Palak-Paneer’ or ‘Spinach Paratha’ was… Continue reading

Langarwali Aloo-Gobhi

What is the best dish you prepared using gobhi??!!! For me, it’s this – “Langarwali Aloo Gobhi”. As I said in ‘Langarwali Dal’ post before, I still haven’t been to Gurudwara ever :(… Continue reading

Achaari Gobhi

Don’t really know if that’s true for you or not… But to me, a dollop of pickle or even pickling spice always enhances the taste of any paratha or subzi :) I keep… Continue reading