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Barley-Potato Patties

I hardly have worked with super-blendsĀ aka whole grains! When I got a pack of Pearl & Black Barley from McKenzie’s, I wasn’t too sure what I’ll do with it. Well, what’s better than… Continue reading

Review: Roasted Vegetables & Quinoa Soup

How do you react when you receive a parcel in the post??!!! I was doing a happy-dance outdoors when I saw one for me <3 Recently, I received a big hamper from McKenzie’s… Continue reading

Product Review: Yumi’s Quality Foods

I’m fond of making crostinis, wraps, sandwiches, open-toast sandwiches and similar on-the-go bites! And for any of these, I need some sort of spread as a base flavor. Cream cheese, tofutti, sour cream,… Continue reading

Product Review: OVI Hydration

A few super-sunny days got me strong vibes of summer! Cold days are back but yes, summer is just about to start and sunny days will be back… Beach, outings, bbqs and lots… Continue reading

A day @ OM Vegetarian

Recently I got to spend a day with my camera @ OM Vegetarian, located in city area. I was amazed to know that they serve a ‘Core-Vegetarian Thaali‘ consisting of all major components… Continue reading

Detailed Review: Food Panda

When a team of problem solvers, designers, thinkers & tinkers sit together, they build a system like ‘Food Panda‘ :) What do you expect to have when you’re tired of take-away from the… Continue reading

Review: FoodPanda ~ Online Ordering System

When I was working in IT industry, I always loved exploring different online systems for their look ‘n’ feel, set of functionality, processing speed etc. And I still do that at times! For… Continue reading

Me ‘n’ Balinese Cooking

What a wonderful gift it was!!! I never expected myself to step into a traditional Balinese kitchen ever. Wait… Let me start jotting down those moments from the beginning :) I was curious… Continue reading

Spice Bazaar!!!

I went crazy when I saw a wide range of known/unknown herbs & spices at the market place in Bali :) A wonderful food tour I had, just before I stepped into a… Continue reading