Product Review: Yumi’s Quality Foods

I’m fond of making crostinis, wraps, sandwiches, open-toast sandwiches and similar on-the-go bites! And for any of these, I need some sort of spread as a base flavor. Cream cheese, tofutti, sour cream, flavored thickened yogurt.. there were plenty of options but I love something more rich in flavor! Something that adds a star to my snacks… Something that can be used as a dip, spread and part of sauce too ;) I’m heavily demanding, I know… But don’t you think hommus is one such middle-eastern spread?


Well, I must confess first… This one is a long-awaited post from my end! It somehow got delayed for too long… But few months back, I received 4 packs of Yumi’s Quality Spreads! Classic Hummus and Creamy Beetroot Dip… 2 packs each :) And I couldn’t wait to try out the flavors! I love beetroots, so I went ahead with beetroop dip first… Used it on my sandwich instantly. And that worked awesome!!! Opened the another one – ‘Hommus’ next day morning! I had it with homemade tortiall/pita chips, salad platter, quick sliders etc… And the outcome was pretty much similar to the authentic one!!!


Not only that, I shared 1 of each (total 2) with friends top, who share this spread love ;)



Out of these 2, my vote goes for beetroot dip for sure! Hommus was equally good but special love for pink, you know ;) There are many more flavors which you can explore at your local super-market! Of course, check out Yumi’s Quality Foods for more details!!! Thanks to Yumi’s for sending those test products in for me to try and review <3