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Purple Cabbage-Mint Salad & A product review

A few weeks back, I received a hamper from Red Kellys Tasmania and it had 3 eye-catching salad dressing bottles :) You all know how I love my salads… and this hamper was… Continue reading


Panipuri… do I need to describe it more? The word itself is the world for street-food lovers ;) I miss those days back in India!!! And having roadside panipuris was a weekly affair… Continue reading

Jaljeera with a funny quiz

I have always been drafting a memory to go with my recipe on the post… Or if not, I pen down behind the scenes! Let’s do something different this time… I have come… Continue reading

Hariyali Paneer

Are you tired of having red/brown gravies of North-Indian cuisine? I’m!!! Whenever I visit any Indian restaurant here, I find the same gravy in almost every dish being served! They change only main… Continue reading

Pudina Pani for Panipuri

It was around 8 pm n hubby was busy watching some ‘Food Technicals’ on TV! Even I do watch them with high interest… But he found me disinterested that night. And he wondered… Continue reading

Mint Paste

Do you get a bunch of mint leaves without planning how to use it??!!! I said before that I usually get it for 2-3 major reasons… One is to make panipuri within 2-3… Continue reading

Minty Potatoes

Every time we visit ‘Nathdwara’, my mum gets a bunch of fresh pudina from there :D I know it’s crazy, but you can’t get that fresh n fragrant mint leaves in local market!… Continue reading