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I don’t believe in googling for recipes every time… I prefer calling family or friends to learn it :) And yes, if it’s about making a traditional sweet with authentic taste, my only… Continue reading

Rice Thepla

Being a part of traditional Indian family, I can’t recall even a single day when mum didn’t make rotis for everyday meal! If not roti, it had to be any sort of flatbreads… Continue reading

Carrot Muthiya

“Carrots” – I always wonder what all I can make out of it? Hubby brings a big bag every now n then… Even before I use half of the previous one! It’s definitely… Continue reading

Built-in Gobhi Paratha

Love stuffed parathas? But tired of rolling process??!!! :P Same pinch… I actually love all sort of parathas but I’m a bit lazy to make them. I already had them in ‘Ready-to-Eat’ plate,… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Bread with Sundried Tomatoes and Herbs

Well, I maintain my list of bookmarks very nicely… I usually make separate folders like blogger, wordpress, fb, others and save blog-links accordingly! Also, I keep 2 separate folders like ‘Cook’ & ‘Bake’… Continue reading

Methi Masala Poori

Before marriage, my mum used to make pooris pretty much on every sunday! To have either with morning tea or in lunch. In fact, not only plain or masala poori… She used to… Continue reading

Ajwain Poori

My container was full of corn crackers for a week and after that, I wanted to make something else to munch on. And while kneading dough for thepla, I saw a spice-box tagged… Continue reading

Triangular Paratha

Bringing back my childhood memories… :) I was a bit irritating picky eater for whom mum used to run across the house just to make me eat 2-3 bites of anything. One thing… Continue reading

Coriander Roti

I have been making simple phulka roti since I was a kid! Probably that was the 1st thing I got to learn in kitchen… And till now, I’m used to make it at… Continue reading