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Hi… I’m SJ! I better describe myself as a loving wife/daughter/sister/friend/blogger and yes, a home-chef for sure!!! Born n brought up in a typical ‘Gujju’ family where I got introduced to authentic and traditional Gujarati cuisine by “Mum”.

As a child, I used to enjoy following cooking-shows, penning down those recipes, cutting n collecting recipes from newspapers/magazines! But suggesting those dishes to mum n eating ’em all was an omen of being big-time food lover only!

Later on, working full-time as an IT professional didn’t allow me to work on my culinary skills except weekends :( But mini vacations during professional career made me dig into culinary world as I wanted! Somehow, I kept myself sticked to cooking n blogging world, on n off though ;) Stepped into a new phase of life with my foodie-hubby!

… since then, cooking has been my 1st passion! I enjoyed this process of self-migration from being “Food Lover” to “Food Blogger” :)

~My Inspirations~

An inspiration source (with no 2nd thought) for me is my husband! Along with enjoying each dish I cook, he cooks his specialties for me too :) His role doesn’t end up here… Most importantly, I appreciate him as the best food-critic!

p.s. He taught me tips n tricks of food-photography, result of which is clearly visible on the blog :)

To me, cooking is a never-ending process of learning… and in this learning phase, my mum, mother-in-law, aunties inspires me a lot! And yes, I’m fortunate to have all food-lovers around… Papa, Brother, Brother-in-law, Sister-in-laws, Cousins, Nieces/Nephews, Friends… and everyone else :)

~Me n My Camera~

Is there a truth behind the expression “you eat with your eyes?” Yes, I think so… ‘coz how appealing your plate looks is the 1st sensory criteria :)

Initially when I wasn’t much into food-photography on this blog, I used to take a phone or digicam in hand n click the pics!!! Since when I started learning food-photography with Canon EOS 50D dSLR, I enjoy clicking-sessions in my kitchen every now n then. I’m still exploring my skills on this which makes my hubby worried about the camera at times! ;)

That’s pretty much all about me!!!

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Happy Cooking… :)