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Jeera Aloo

Do you remember what dish you got to learn 1st in the kitchen? I certainly do… I started my culinary journey with roti at the age of 5-6 :) I always loved process… Continue reading

Tomato Bruschetta

Are you tired of eating the same ‘Egg on Toast’ breakfast every weekend? Well… that happened to me! I wanted some change this time… And pre-decided to have bruschetta :) Again, didn’t want… Continue reading

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Macaroni – When I hear this word, the only other word that comes to my mind is “Cheese” :P ‘Macaroni & Cheese’ or ‘Cheese Macaroni’ or ‘Mac n Cheese’, call it anything you… Continue reading

Panchmel Daal

I never planned to make ‘Bhakhri’ on weekdays… 1st, it takes long time on griddle! And 2nd.. high efforts :P I’m a lazy girl at times! But yes, since I started making Khooba… Continue reading

Achaari Gobhi

Don’t really know if that’s true for you or not… But to me, a dollop of pickle or even pickling spice always enhances the taste of any paratha or subzi :) I keep… Continue reading

Tomato Rice

If you ask me, “What’s my current obsession?” My response if surely going to be “Neurons of my brain are highly pre-occupied with what all dishes I can prepare using tomatoes” :) I… Continue reading

Quick Salsa with Tortilla Chips

Breakfast/Snack/Starter under 10 mins!!! Don’t you believe me? Wait… It’s not something that I make usually like eggs on toast or any kebabs or noodles! But it’s definitely a special thing to make… Continue reading

Smoky Eggplant Bharta

Every choice coming in your way has its own consequences to follow!!! Blogging-Cooking-Photographing… Each of these has brought many pros n cons together :P Yes, these are 3 top-most activities I’m so much… Continue reading

Kale Chane ki Subzi ~ (Black Chickpeas Curry)

As I said earlier, I’m focusing on my pressure-cooker these days! A few days back, I was tempted to make a curry using desi chana (black chickpeas) which I used to eat almost… Continue reading