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Cholar Dal

Any sort of dal preparation always falls in my comfort-food! A few weeks back, better I say on a lazy weekday evening… I wanted to have a quick meal that makes me spend… Continue reading

Penne Arrabiata

Last week, I was wondering what to do with a pack of penne pasta that is screaming to be used up??!!! Evenings of weekdays when hubby works from home, I have to be… Continue reading

Omelette Roll-ups

Do you really think high-calorie food is always injurious? Uhhh… not for the ones who work hard the whole day and at the end, plan making something that’s quick and easy as a… Continue reading

Aloo-Kanda Poha

I sometimes feel I’m still a kid but then on the 2nd thought, isn’t it always good to have a kid in you??!!! I go crazy if I recall school-time tiffin-box or a… Continue reading

Spring-Egg Wrap

What comes first in your mind when you think of making something quick and easy… n yes, healthy too??!!! I usually skip having heavy lunch but if at all I’m hungry, I make… Continue reading

Gujarati Dal

You can say, a famous staple-food of Gujarati Cuisine! “Gujarati Dal”, a spicy and tangy version of it… My husband specifically asks me to prepare it like the one usually found in Gujju… Continue reading

Quick Bhindi Fry

No matter how much I try, I can’t get rid of deep-fried delicacies at all… I recalled one fine morning… A year back, my routine was to get up, have a cuppa tea… Continue reading

Buttered Corn

Anyone from India must have heard about ‘Kankaria Lake’ for sure! I used to live just on a walking distance from the lake for long years. Many times I used to go for… Continue reading

Jaisalmeri Chane

Whenever I soak black chickpeas overnight, 1st thought that comes in my mind is to make either Bhel-Panipuri or Chana Chat! But if I don’t get any special idea about dinner, I immediately… Continue reading