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Breakfast Platter

I believe, breakfast should always be healthy one! And if it’s a weekend, it has to be a special one too :P I love any variety of eggs with toast… in breakfast, brunch… Continue reading

Cabbage Stir-Fry

I can’t eat routine subzi-roti for more than 2 days in series! I always want something different/chatpata on dinner plate and who better knows it than my mum??!!! :P This super-hungry girl (me)… Continue reading

Aloo Rassa

How many dishes you have in your list of comfort food? How many of them you make often? And how many of them you count as your family favorites? I certainly have a… Continue reading

Cabbage Paratha

Did you just say ‘Gobhi Paratha’??!!! Ufff… this term confuses me at the most :( Whenever I come across any pic or recipe named ‘Gobhi ke Parathe’, I get myself straight to read… Continue reading

Achaari Aloo

Will you call me a cheater if I confess that I broke my own recipe-rule this time??!!! Hehe… I won’t mind if you do so… ‘coz I know I did that just to… Continue reading

Chhola Pulao

Leftovers – I pretty much have a love-hate relationship with it!!! When it comes to be any normal subzi-roti, I can never have them again on the next day… But if it’s something… Continue reading

Phulka Roti

I always love replicating what my mum used to cook for us! I love reliving my mum’s life… Dad used to come back from work @ around 6 in the evening, I n… Continue reading

Roasted Baby Potatoes

HOT! HOT! HOT! With the rising temp here, it’s hard to get myself motivated to stay in kitchen for the whole day, experimenting recipes n clicks!!!I manage to make dahiwada or delhi chaat… Continue reading

Lahsuni Urad Dal

As a child, many times I used to bug my naani for knowing the reasons behind making/having a few dishes on a specific week-day. For example, making chana (black) on friday, lauki-chana dal… Continue reading