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Gujarati Kadhi

I didn’t know how to make kadhi a year back… Had it many a times, but was too lazy to try always! Even I never liked having it more than 1/2 bowl of… Continue reading

Aloo Bhindi

Many of my dishes fall into ‘Everyday Cooking‘ category! I call them everyday subzi/gravy just ‘coz its something that we always make without any specific list of ingredients or variety of spices!!! Every… Continue reading

Mexican-Style Fried Rice

I feel sometimes that I have some sort of mental block for several dishes! Mostly that happens when I see a menu of Mexican cuisine anywhere… No doubt, I love a few things…… Continue reading

Avocado Spread

Last sunday morning, I didn’t have eggs in-house! Unfortunately, had to come up with something quick for breakfast… as it was already 10 am n I had no-time to go out and get… Continue reading

Mango Lassi

Finally, I can see beautiful sunshine around! Had been waiting for winter to end soon… Sick n tired of chilly weather here :( Sunny season seems to be round the corner, making me… Continue reading

Egg-Mushroom Bhurji

‘Kankaria Omlette’, ‘RK Omlette’, ‘RK Egg Eatery’… I miss my foodie-trips to all those egg stalls with my cousin, SD! She left eating eggs n I left India :P I used to go… Continue reading

Indonesian Noodles

I want to be a kid again!!! It happens many a times when you cook something and that takes you to those oldie-goldie days of childhood! Recently while making noodles in my kitchen,… Continue reading

Paneer Fried Rice

I love my cousins back in India! They’re all younger than me, calling me ‘Didi’ :) Before I scribble that funny evening here, lemme specify they all are super-foodies!!! Till the time I… Continue reading

Aloo Masaledar

I’m in love with Potato forever! Anything cooked with this root-veggie is always a hit in my kitchen… But if I think of making something as a bachelor, I definitely go for simple… Continue reading