Mango Lassi

Finally, I can see beautiful sunshine around! Had been waiting for winter to end soon… Sick n tired of chilly weather here :( Sunny season seems to be round the corner, making me feel that it’s time to leave jackets n sweaters behind :) Happy days are soon to come again… As temp will go high, I’ll spend good enough time in kitchen, but will experiment little lesser… I speak this often, but a try to keep myself away from my kitchen for more than 3-4 hours fails mostly in a day or two only… I’m heavenly attached to my little cooking space n can’t restrain from stepping there often :)

mango lassi

May be… will mostly plan making some under-30-mins dishes, noodles/stir-fries, no gas-cooking, colorful salad bowls, fruits/juices/smoothies… On weekdays, I still prefer making different meals. But weekends are usually lazy for me, that too in summer – no way I’m going to cook a lot!!! It’s time to roam around… Enjoy sunshine @ shores… Long drive to hilly areas… Fresh fruits picking… n many more activities to list out :) But yeah, even on a short/long trips, I prefer keeping sandwiches or chips or salty crackers or any other goodies for munching to avoid fatty-food intake :P

I promise you to add all colorful vegetables/fruits to almost everything I make! And this time I’ve come up with the king of all fruits – “Mango”. To be honest, I’m not a big-fan of Aamras, but other dishes prepared with mango works great for me :)

Here you go with a vibrant, smooth n sweet ‘Mango Lassi’!!!



1 Mango, big
1/2 cup Sugar
2 cups Thick Yogurt
1/2 cup Milk
A pinch of Cardamom Powder


  1. Peel the mango and roughly cut into cubes.
  2. Take all the ingredients in a mixture jar.
  3. Grind everything to make a smooth lassi.
  4. Pour it in a glass n serve chilled!