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Mango-Orange Juice

“Summer summer… Please come!” I only know how much I longed for this season… Although I love windy winter, I always want summer to be back (not the ending summer though) ;) I… Continue reading

Fruity Green Smoothie

That’s true… I had a point of eating healthy stuff this year, listed in my resolution ;) I’m not too sure if I’ll post each thing I make but will try to do… Continue reading

Product Review: OVI Hydration

A few super-sunny days got me strong vibes of summer! Cold days are back but yes, summer is just about to start and sunny days will be back… Beach, outings, bbqs and lots… Continue reading

Iced Masala Tea

Too much work to finish… I’m very much excited to celebrate 4 years of blogging this month and also for tomorrow as it’s going to be my 500th post! Having 2 cake orders… Continue reading

Ginger Lemonade

Lemonade… A classic summer drink, isn’t it??!!! But as winter turns to spring, my tastebuds reflected the change of season ;) Spring is almost here… I should start preparing to welcome a season… Continue reading

Strawberry Smoothie

Being a baker, I’m a fan of all sort of berries… I can have them all, no matter if it’s a bowl of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry or gooseberry :P But one that… Continue reading

Orange Iced Tea

I absolutely love movie ‘Jab We Met’! No matter how many times I have seen it before, I never get tired of watching again n again… Last week on one lazy afternoon, I… Continue reading

Beetroot Lemonade

Last week when I bought a few beetroots from fresh food market, I thought of making many things out of it… I already have posted ‘Polish Beetroot Soup’ earlier and other things I… Continue reading

Watermelon Lemonade

Can you eat something non-stop for 3 hours while watching a movie? Yes, I can eat watermelon for sure :P Just when summer starts, mum used to bring a big watermelon every alternate… Continue reading