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Carrot-Orange Juice

A week back, when I was talking to my sister-in-law… She told me that they’ve started simmering new healthy soup almost every alternate day! And ‘bhoot mujhe bhi chad gaya’ :P Anyways, it’s… Continue reading

Amla Juice ~ Indian Gooseberry Juice

Nearly 2 years back, I used to go for a morning walk at Kankaria Lake. Wasn’t a regular jogger though (as it mostly depended on how early I can get up) ;) To be… Continue reading

Mocha ~ The Coolest Drink Ever!!!

I was hearing that faltu-song ‘Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar, hukka-bar’ from Khiladi 786! Ewww.. I didn’t want to, but it was on MTv’s playlist :P That’s the worst lyrics of the year for… Continue reading

Masala Chhas ~ Spiced Buttermilk

As a child, I never used to like any sort of dairy products! Plain milk is still in my hate-list… But gradually, I developed a good taste for all other things i.e. curd,… Continue reading

Fresh Grapes Juice

It’s a long weekend this time… And it started a bit earlier for me! Too many activities I’ve planned out for these 3 days… Baking a cake, going out on a road-trip, playing… Continue reading

Jaljeera with a funny quiz

I have always been drafting a memory to go with my recipe on the post… Or if not, I pen down behind the scenes! Let’s do something different this time… I have come… Continue reading

Ginger Tea

I feel like the season of enjoying tea is back for me… For a few months, I preferred to have a cuppa tea only in morning time with hubby, but then after I… Continue reading

Mango Lassi

Finally, I can see beautiful sunshine around! Had been waiting for winter to end soon… Sick n tired of chilly weather here :( Sunny season seems to be round the corner, making me… Continue reading

Kiwi-Cucumber Punch

Packed with Vitamin C, Kiwi Fruit always makes my eyes feel a lot of freshness around! I absolutely love this fruit eating in cube/slice cuts… More I love when I peel and get… Continue reading