Fresh Grapes Juice

It’s a long weekend this time… And it started a bit earlier for me! Too many activities I’ve planned out for these 3 days… Baking a cake, going out on a road-trip, playing with gattu, cooking yummy food, watching many movies/filmfare, a little shopping etc. etc. I felt in past few weeks that this year summer hasn’t been generous at all… All super-sunny days, direct sun-rays and temperature beyond the threshold…!

I’m desparately looking forward to escape from this season soon… A bit weird, but I’m super-excited :P Tick… Tick… Tick… I’m sorry, I went off the track!!! Sharing this tangy, vibrant, wonderful summer cold-drink, which is made out of fresh green grapes. It’s silly simple I know.. but I just made this refreshing drink when it crossed 40 degrees :(


Serves: 2


150 gm Green Grapes
2 cups Water
2-3 tsp Sugar
Black Salt, to taste



  1. Take all ingredients in a mixture jar and grind them to make a smooth juice.
  2. Strain to make it pulp-free.
  3. Serve chilled!