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Spinach Masoor Dal

And finally… I’m back on this space :) Well well.. I know I said it quite often in past 6 months or so but yes, repeating my words, will try to remain active… Continue reading

Aloo Palak

And finally… I managed to update my blog!!! And that too with a gravy/curry… After a longggg time :) Recently, I won a food-voucher of MenuLog (an online food ordering system) worth $75… Continue reading

Creamy Spinach Soup

It’s a full-fledged winter now and my list of “Feel-Good” food is ready. Already have collected so many recipes with ‘Soups with SS’ (It’s still going on, in case if you missed to… Continue reading


Back to comfort food??!!! Naah… this post is my all-time favorite food. My mum used to make this many a times for dinner and recently I bookmarked Pari’s recipe for trying out in… Continue reading

Hara-Bhara Kebab

It’s never possible that you haven’t had a plate of ‘Hara Bhara Kebab’ ordered in any of the restaurants, if you’re a foodie!!! I probably had it for the 1st time when I… Continue reading

Puff Pastry Tarts

I love making breakfast or brunch on weekends that appeals my eyes first! Usually, we prefer half-fried with toasts n hashbrowns. If not, we end up having omlette with bread n sauteed mushrooms.… Continue reading

Gobhi-Palak Curry

Back at home in India, I was organizing spinach leaves in a big airy container… I didn’t much bother about where to use that much quantity, thinking that ‘Palak-Paneer’ or ‘Spinach Paratha’ was… Continue reading

Spinach-Corn Paratha

How much I love making parathas!!! And when it’s about any sort of stuffed paratha, that serves a complete meal itself :) Till now, I was scared of trying anything using sweet corn,… Continue reading

Breakfast Platter

I believe, breakfast should always be healthy one! And if it’s a weekend, it has to be a special one too :P I love any variety of eggs with toast… in breakfast, brunch… Continue reading