Puff Pastry Tarts

I love making breakfast or brunch on weekends that appeals my eyes first! Usually, we prefer half-fried with toasts n hashbrowns. If not, we end up having omlette with bread n sauteed mushrooms. Ohhh yes, weekend breakfast hardly changes. But this time, it’s a long weekend. My morning starts @ 9 am. And then if I plan making anything, it has to be on brunch table only :P

Are you willing to start your day in style? Try out this fabulous looking brunch for two :)

This elegant and super-easy dish is quite fun to make, bake and eat. I tried both versions – Vegetarian & eggetarian! And enjoyed both of them equally. Slices of tomato and chopped spinach nestle into little puff pastry bases, add an egg on top and to make it interesting for kids, add some grated cheese too.

Don’t you think this beautiful looking brunch is portrayed so nicely in these pictures?


Makes: 4


1 Puff Pastry Sheet (thawed)
1 Tomato
3/4 cup Spinach Leaves
2 Eggs
1 tsp Mixed Herbs
Salt, to taste



  1. Wash and roughly chop spinach leaves. Cut the tomato in medium-thick slices too.
  2. Cut 4 equal sized squares of puff pastry sheet and make a square on edges keeping 1 cm distance.
  3. Place an aluminium foil over baking tray and arrange these sheets on it.
  4. Spread spinach leaves and put tomato slices over it. Sprinkle salt and herbs on top.
  5. Bake in pre-heated oven on 200 degrees for 5-7 mins.
  6. Take 2 of them out and break an egg on top carefully. Again sprinkle a pinch of salt and herbs (cheese too, if you prefer to make it for kids).
  7. Put them back in a tray and bake for 7-8 mins more or until egg white is set.
  8. By the time, vegetarian ones will be ready to take out.
  9. Serve them hot with a cuppa tea/coffee/juice!



  • Reason behind making cuts on edges to allow the sheet puff up and be flaky from sides as moisture in center doesn’t puff up too much.
  • Why I baked once and then put an egg over it to re-bake? Well, sides will puff up and it will make cavity for an egg to settle :)