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Fruity Green Smoothie

That’s true… I had a point of eating healthy stuff this year, listed in my resolution ;) I’m not too sure if I’ll post each thing I make but will try to do… Continue reading

Fruit Trifle

I absolutely love my sweet buddy – Pari and her space! She recently baked & frosted a cake for her son’s birthday party… And a few days later, she posted a lovely looking… Continue reading

Fresh Grapes Juice

It’s a long weekend this time… And it started a bit earlier for me! Too many activities I’ve planned out for these 3 days… Baking a cake, going out on a road-trip, playing… Continue reading

Apple Halwa

What you prefer to do when you have a bunch of apples sitting idle in your kitchen pantry??!!! I was tired of eating one everyday… Now my doctors too have told me to… Continue reading

Apple-Cinnamon Cake

In last September, I got in arguments with my brother-in-law (IAG) on some matter n then I stopped talking to him! Silly me :P Me n my sister-in-law (MIG) had decided to celebrate… Continue reading

Salmagundi – by, Shruti Nargundkar

Here is a special guest-post from “Shruti Nargundkar“. First of all, I apologize her for being late in posting this! :( But after reading her so impressive write-ups, I was threatened a little… Continue reading

Kiwi-Cucumber Punch

Packed with Vitamin C, Kiwi Fruit always makes my eyes feel a lot of freshness around! I absolutely love this fruit eating in cube/slice cuts… More I love when I peel and get… Continue reading

Strawberry Jam

Who doesn’t like Strawberry Jam??!!! And if I talk about kids, I’m sure they crave for it anytime and every-time… :P Now let me tell you something very special about this super-yummy “Strawberry… Continue reading

Passion-Fruit Dip

Ignite the romance in your kitchen… “Creamy Passion Fruit Dip” and “Assorted Fruits Platter” – An ideal combo for lovers!!! Oops… for any fruit lovers :P Try out this fresh n tangy recipe…… Continue reading