Apple Halwa

What you prefer to do when you have a bunch of apples sitting idle in your kitchen pantry??!!! I was tired of eating one everyday… Now my doctors too have told me to stay away ;)

I thought of making apple juice along with some sweet, keeping 2 apples for eating after dinner! 2 apples were more than enough to make halwa that serves 1 person only… Ewww, I hate sweets n so I don’t eat more than a spoonful of it… and that too to make sure whether it deserves to be served or not :P Never ever had this before or heard before, yet wanted to give a try as I knew I’ll need less amount of sugar as apples were already sweet. Took a non-stick pan, some pre-processing and bang!!! It turned out to be really a great sweet, which can definitely be cooked during this festive season :)



3-4 Apples
1/2 cup Sugar
1/4 tsp Cardamom Powder
1 tbsp Chopped Almonds
1 tbsp Desiccated Coconut
1 tbsp Ghee


  1. Peel the apples and roughly chop them into pieces.
  2. Grind them to make a fine paste.
  3. Heat ghee in a thick-bottomed pan and add coconut into it.
  4. Once it starts changing color, add crushed apple and almonds. Mix well and keep stirring continuously.
  5. Cook for approx 10 mins and add sugar with cardamom powder in it. Mix everything well.
  6. Again cook it for 5-7 more mins.
  7. Garnish with chopped nuts and serve hot!!!

apple halwa