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Spiral Salad

Summer is gone. Ummm… let’s say it’s almost almost gone!!! I need to pack all those shorts in a bag and put it in some corner ;) But at the same time, time… Continue reading

Roasted Red BellPepper Pasta

Am I here after a long time? Ohh yes… Finally, I’m trying to be regular on this space :D It has been too long since I posted my 500th recipe and here I’m..… Continue reading

Mushroom-Broccoli Pasta

Pasta… I’m not a big fan of it but yes, I love making it when I feel lazy to spend long hours in my kitchen! And everytime I toss some, I make sure… Continue reading

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Macaroni – When I hear this word, the only other word that comes to my mind is “Cheese” :P ‘Macaroni & Cheese’ or ‘Cheese Macaroni’ or ‘Mac n Cheese’, call it anything you… Continue reading

Silky Spaghetti

I hardly get to use spaghetti or pasta in my kitchen n that too when I don’t find other options for a quick cooking! I always enjoyed using my pack of spaghetti making… Continue reading

Penne Arrabiata

Last week, I was wondering what to do with a pack of penne pasta that is screaming to be used up??!!! Evenings of weekdays when hubby works from home, I have to be… Continue reading