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Black-eyed Beans Soup

I feel like baking & making a ‘Frozen Theme’ cake these days! It’s too cold, not-at-all sunny and irritating-rainy weather outside… And thinking of stepping out for a walk is not possible where… Continue reading

Mexican Beans Soup

Temperature is going low each passing day! Seems like it’s the right time of the year to serve healthy, hot & spicy stuff in a bowl only :P You guessed it right, I’m… Continue reading

Sweet Potato-Chickpeas Soup

How about serving this steaming bowl to warm up in chilly winter? Most people who are health-conscious love soups And they will continue to look for different ideas of serving health in a… Continue reading

Clear Mushroom Soup

Sometime back, I posted a few pics of my Balinese Cooking Workshop… Now my funda is to share all what I learn! And I promised a few of my friends that I’ll bring… Continue reading