Ginger Tea

I feel like the season of enjoying tea is back for me… For a few months, I preferred to have a cuppa tea only in morning time with hubby, but then after I wasn’t refraining myself from having it twice (or sometimes thrice) in a day… Last week, I switched to a vacation mode when I had to start my morning with a tea-bag or soluble coffee or any other machine-made ones which were awful totally :( But finally, we’re back to home after a week… Got to have my cup of Adrakwali Chai (Ginger Tea) this morning and felt like there’s no better place than our couch to have this divine hot drink :)

I recalled a fine evening… 2-3 weeks back, after having a scrumptious dinner at friends’, a lovely lady- AT offered a cuppa tea to everyone… n I didn’t say no!!! May be, ‘coz everyone was switched into chit-chat mode :) And she was loaded with a list of flavors: Peppermint, Lemon-Ginger, Ginger with a hint of honey, Green Tea… Obvious choice for me, any chai that comes with ginger :P

I always count my friends with whom I had ‘Chai ki Chuski‘ :) And missing them while having tea in-house or outside, but I’m quite content that I’ve a big-time chai lover to accompany me every time :P

There are many situations When ‘a cuppa tea’ comes to be my necessity:

  • When I wake up in morning
  • When I have severe headache
  • When I need a break from my random tv-shows
  • When I feel freezing outside
  • When I find lots of pending work
  • When I come up with a blank mind
  • When I see/smell a plate full of bhajiyas ;)
  • When I start chattering wit my cousins, sittin on a swing till late nights
  • When I think of reading even for a while
  • When I visit Shrinathji (I’m just loving that early morning wali pudina chai)
  • Even if I ignore all these reasons, do we really need to have a reason for chai??!!!

Ginger Tea


¾ cup Water
1¼ cup Milk
1″ piece of ginger, freshly grated
1 tsp Chai ki Patti (I use Wagh-Bakri)
2 tsp Sugar


  1. Take water, ginger, chai ki patti and sugar in a thick-bottomed pan and bring it to boil on lowest flame.
  2. Turn the heat to medium and add milk.
  3. Let it come to boil, then turn the heat to lowest and bring it to boil another time.
  4. Strain in a cup and serve hot!

Lets do one thing… I want all you tea-lovers to add your memories (Coffee-lovers are welcome too)… :)