Product Review: OVI Hydration

A few super-sunny days got me strong vibes of summer! Cold days are back but yes, summer is just about to start and sunny days will be back… Beach, outings, bbqs and lots more on its way <3
Few weeks back, I received a courier (a big box) from “OVI hydration” :) And that box contained 12 bottles with 3 different flavors! Once I took out a few bottles, I found the bottles very attractive due to the light color-shades used on labelling… Also, because the summer drinks inside were of the same color :D

Well, the flavors were: Citrus, Berry, Peach!!! Each one with antioxidants from green tea and natural flavors… Did I tell you that I love any sort of iced teas??!!! ;)

  1. I was lost into childhood memories by seeing citrus one. Aaah… That was the only beverage I used to love as a kid. And back in India, summer heat hits like hell and lemonade helped me stay hydrated always.
  2. 2nd one I opened was Berry Flavor… Who doesn’t love berries? And I loved it more for that pastel pink shade ;) I felt a little more berry flavor need to be infused to make it richer in taste…
  3. And the last one was Peach!!! How I love stone-fruits <3 And this one was the best… I absolutely loved that peachy hint in every sip!


Overall Feedback:

  • You won’t need a glass to serve it ;) Ohhh… I can have a full bottle at once!!! :D
  • Fresh and natural flavors :)
  • Easy to carry!
  • Definitely will keep you hydrated for long!!!


Ratings: 4/5 (Richer berry flavor and it would be 5) ;)