Orange Iced Tea

I absolutely love movie ‘Jab We Met’! No matter how many times I have seen it before, I never get tired of watching again n again… Last week on one lazy afternoon, I retrieved it from the movie list and started watching. I hate kareena in all other movies except this one!!! So bubbly, lively and gutsy… In the movie, there is a scene where she says “Muft Muft Muft” and I thought it’s pretty much perfect with all the ladies out there :P I love freebies and gift hampers… And who doesn’t??!!! :P
I recalled a Puro Hamper I received a month back… I never opened a box of ‘Fruit Tea’ and I jumped out of the couch! Didn’t want to have it as a plain fruit tea so planned to make a CCD style Iced Tea :P Did I ever tell you before that I love CCD?? Well yes, I have many fond memories related to it! Many friends, many funny incidents, many imp decisions were taken there… And haven’t had any sort of Iced tea since long… So why not! I tried out ‘Orange Iced Tea’ to have on a chilly winter evening :P
p.s. I’ve gone insane, I know! I started with the movie thing and ended up with gorgeous tea glasses :P That’s how I am… But really, I remembered that hamper when I heard a word “Muft” :P

orange iced tea1

Makes: 2 tall glasses


2 Fruit flavored Tea-Bags (I used Puro’s, you can use any other that you have)
1/2 cup Orange Juice
1/2 tsp Orange Extract (optional)
2 tsp Lemon Juice
1 tbsp White/Caster Sugar
A few Ice Cubes
Mint Leaves, to garnish

orange iced tea2


  1. Bring water to boil and place tea-bags into it.
  2. Keep them in for 10 mins or so. Then after, squeeze and take them out!
  3. Add orange juice, extract, lemon juice and sugar in it. Stir well and keep it in refrigerator for half hour.
  4. Pour in the glasses and add ice cubes.
  5. Garnish with mint leaves and serve chilled!

orange iced tea3


  • I used 2 slices of orange (one in each glass) for an extra beauty factor ;)
  • Adjust the amount of sugar based on your orange juice. Mine was mild tangy so had to add sugar but you can eliminate completely if it’s sweet!