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Amritsari Chhole

Previously I have posted a recipe of ‘Chhole Masala’ but making of this one is slightly different than the earlier one. Made chhole using that recipe number of times before, but whenever I… Continue reading

Chai Latte

A cuppa tea… It was 1:30 am n all 4 of us were full-to involved in playing cards! Oops… forgot to tell you that oldie-goldie school buddy was @ home with her small… Continue reading

Potato Biryani

I go mad when I find my kitchen overloaded with potatoes!!! Usually when I switch in lazy mood during weekend nights, I prefer making a one-pot meal for a change. Last weekend, I… Continue reading

Warm Corn Salad

I’m a big-time fan of boiled corn!!! Love having it as a side or just as a quick snack… It rains every now n then here, so I get a chance to work… Continue reading

QuickFix Potato Subzi

I hardly run out of recipes to make in my kitchen!!! And it happened last week when we planned to go for a movie in evening 6:15 show… It was 3:30 when I… Continue reading

Chatpati Chana Chaat

Although chaat has numerous varieties to list out!!! I have brought a simple, quick and healthy one for you prepared using Black Chana :)While making it this time, I got myself transported to… Continue reading

Mushroom-Peas Pulao

Sometimes I love taking a break from my kitchen!!! Especially when I want my hubby to cook something delicious for me… And on a perfect sunday morning, I demanded him to make one… Continue reading

Potato Salad

Kitchen pantry without potatoes is very much like a necklace without diamonds!!! Hehe… I didn’t find a better clause on comparative degree instantly in mind. Even though I’m not into wearing any sort… Continue reading

Cheesy Cauliflower Bake

Who doesn’t love cheese??!!! And specially if you talk about kids, they hate veggies but love cheese :) A combination of both in one casserole – “Cheesy Cauliflower Bake”! Very mild flavors of… Continue reading