Achaari Aloo

Will you call me a cheater if I confess that I broke my own recipe-rule this time??!!! Hehe… I won’t mind if you do so… ‘coz I know I did that just to try a new taste of my favorite dish :P

A lot has been spoken about this ‘Achaari Masala’ on this space before! And I always follow the same recipe every time to make this spice-mix on the spot… This time, I wanted to see if the other way works out well. After all, it’s going to be Achaari only and so it’s not a bad idea to take a shortcut at times ;)

Now if you’re satisfied with all what I said then lemme clarify why and what I did!!! I used a store-bough pickle masala with a dollop of tangy pickle while making this super-yum ‘Achaari Aloo’ and my reason behind that was… Having all other seeds on counter (cumin, ajwain, mustard, fennel), I missed fenugreek seeds! Didn’t have it available n so unoptionally, I opted for an alternate rather than spoiling the authenticity of spice-mix :(

By the way, if you’re in hurry and want to make a quick Achaari dish, this serves the best option! And this one is a keeper-recipe for sure :)

achari aloo


2 Parboiled Potatoes
1 tsp Ginger-Green Chillies Paste
1/4 cup Tomato Puree
2 tsp Pickle Masala
1 tsp Tangy Mango Pickle
1 tbsp Oil
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tsp Coriander Powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
2 tsp Lemon Juice
1 tsp Kasoori Methi
Salt, to taste


  1. Cut parboiled potatoes into big cubes.
  2. Heat oil in a kadai and add cumin seeds.
  3. Once it crackles, add ginger-green chillies paste and saute it for a while.
  4. Add tomato puree, potato cubes along with all the spices in it and mix everything well.
  5. Cover it with a lid and cook for 5-6 mins.
  6. Turn off the heat and pour lemon juice. Give a gentle toss and transfer to a serving bowl.
  7. Serve hot with phulka roti or any sort of paratha!


  • You can add finely chopped onions and garlic if you wish!
  • Adjust the amount of green chillies paste according to your taste.
  • This can be served as a starter, in case if you are using baby potatoes :)