Lovely Ladies…

Neighbours??!!! Ohhh yes, I can say that. We have a bunch of friends around, busy weekdays never allow us to catch up… n weekends just fly in a while :( Okay… few friends are inter-section of school n college time, few are exclusively hubby’s buddies n rest are exclusively mine!


Hubby counts a very few friends in ‘CLOSE’ category n HT is one of them! Since I came over, we got to meet him many a times… had a cuppa tea n dinner together at times… n since the 1st time I got to know about him, I was waiting to meet his GF/Fiancee/Wife – AT (ohhh yes, she was fit in all 3 tags)! Met this lovely lady before their visit to India last year and it went okay… We talked a lot, we laughed a lot but still something was missing… May be, the comfort zone!!! And one thing I’ve noticed that if you’re meeting someone for the 1st time (or after a long time), you take time to gel well… Of course, I faced this phase too :P Next we met on New Year get-together n that was a super-hit! She’s pretty much talkative, lively, jolly… n more than anything else, she’s a foodie :) And yes, I got to meet her replica as well – her younger sis, AU – who’s like a cute little kid :)

Last weekend, this lovely couple hosted a dinner party… The moment I stepped into the living room, I was surrounded by high positive vibes! And I got so strong feelings of being in a ‘HOME’ :) A little chit-chat and chilled pinacolada as a welcome drink… Then shallow-fried bread-pakora along with tiny spring rolls… After watching their wedding dvds, she brought a big baking tray straight from oven full of super-healthy pasta in white sauce with assorted veggies… And that time, we got to know it was KD-DD’s wedding anniversary! Anyways she was to serve a cake for dessert but I loved the way she presented it for an anniversary celebration!!! That wasn’t done… we had AU with a beautiful voice with us and can you believe me if I say we played Antakshari till 1:30 am??!!! :P Fun, food n friends again…


I must say, these sisters are perfect hosts :) Thanks a ton AT n AU for such a wonderful evening!!!

p.s. But hubby is a bit sad, thinking about HT’s moving to another state next month :(