#1: Pressure-Cooking

I’m focusing more on pressure-cooker these days! Not only to speed up the process but to retain all flavors of spices in anything I make, I have started maximizing use of it :P

Ohhh of course, I grew up seeing beans, lentils or even everyday subzis cooked using this pressure-cooker only! I was never into making any gravy/subzi in that, but certainly followed a pressure-cooking method for beans n pulses every time…I love that noise of whistles during the cooking process n yes, have heard a lot about explosion incidents too :( Touchwood… But I love my pressure-cooker with brand as well as its out-look :) Wish it will help me for long years…


Here I’m gonna describe how to cook beans/lentils using pressure-cook… Or better I say, how I do it!!!

  • If you want to cook beans, you have to soak them overnight or at least 7-8 hours in plenty of water. Drain excess water and rinse them with fresh water before transferring to a cooker.
  • For lentils, wash 2-3 times before soaking it. It’s fine to soak them for minimum 2-3 hours (more if possible).
  • Water proportion I use is a finger rule! I add water until I see a level is 1/2 phalange above beans/lentils :)
  • Allow nearly 3-4 whistles for lentils and 4-5 for beans. This may vary based on your pressure cooker capacity and metal used in manufacturing. Mine is Prestige Hard-Ionized 3 ltr. cooker!
  • I prefer adding some salt while pressure-cooking beans, especially when I’m going to use them in salad!

That’s pretty much all about it! Come out of slow-cooker technique n use pressure-cooker… Ahan, release your pressure :P