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Cooking Tree-Chestnuts

I can speak non-stop about the veggies, fruits, nuts and all that I grew up eating! A few of them I still enjoy the same way, a few I don’t try anymore… But… Continue reading

Roasted Beetroots

I’m free for the day but don’t want to draft a story behind this quick post of ‘Kitchen Basics’!!! :) So here you go with my random blabbering, based on last few days…… Continue reading

Quick-Fix Salad Dressing

After eating too much of snacks & sweets, let’s set back to Salads ;) Haha… I really had fun eating those deep-fried snacks and ghee-loaded sweets but recently I realized that I have… Continue reading

Homemade Paneer

Call it Paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese! I love it… in curries/gravies, breads, rice or even in starters :) But the prices are too high in Indian stores around… So I usually make… Continue reading

Homemade Vegetable Stock

I keep a check on my veggie tray in refrigerator every weekend, so that I can use remaining veggies and bring some fresh from market :P And there is absolutely no better way… Continue reading

Mangodi ~ Sundried Moong Dal Wadi

2 months back before I went to India, I was thinking if there’s anyone soon to get married in family??!!! Weird… I know! Actually, if I’ll speak out a reason behind this thought,… Continue reading

Homemade Pizza Sauce

Recently I bought a jar of pizza sauce from super market, may be for 2nd time! And made a simple cheese pizza using it… Also, tried it with a plate of pasta! Wait…… Continue reading

#1: Pressure-Cooking

I’m focusing more on pressure-cooker these days! Not only to speed up the process but to retain all flavors of spices in anything I make, I have started maximizing use of it :P… Continue reading


You can clearly see my improved work in food-photography! I have been adding entities to my collection of props i.e. plates, bowls, boards, kitchen towels, accessories etc. each day :) It has been… Continue reading