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Mint Paste

Do you get a bunch of mint leaves without planning how to use it??!!! I said before that I usually get it for 2-3 major reasons… One is to make panipuri within 2-3… Continue reading

Tid-Bits of North-Indian Dishes

To make 2G Paste: Take ginger and garlic (1:2) and roughly chop them. Add a pinch of salt and cooking oil. Grind them together to make a paste. I keep this paste handy… Continue reading

How to sterilize Glass-Jar?

Quick way to sterilize glass-jar for preserving anything: Wash a glass jar and lid with fresh water and pat-dry it. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and turn it off after pre-heating. Place a… Continue reading

Mint Powder

METHOD: – Pick all green mint leaves from stems and wash them with tap water. – Dry with a kitchen towel and arrange it on a big plastic sheet or plate. – Make… Continue reading

Caramelized Onions

INGREDIENTS: 1 Brown Onion2 tsp Olive OilA pinch of Salt METHOD: – Cut onion in thin strips.– Heat olive oil in a sauce pan and add onions.– Sprinkle a little salt over to… Continue reading

Special Fried Garnishes

Fried garnishes in Indian kitchen are as important as a list of spices!!! Most of the times, it comes to be an integral part of preparing the dish itself…  Two very popular ways… Continue reading

Mushroom Dumplings

Don’t think that these cute looking dumplings are taking too long to make… It’s just a matter of half hour to make 2-3 dozens of them! If it’s hard to manage half hour,… Continue reading

Tandoori Masala

“Tandoori Masala” – A blend of spices used to cook tandoori (North-Indian) or Afghani food!!! You can get this tandoori masala ready-made almost in any Indian grocerry store… And another option is, you… Continue reading

Tandoori Marinade

Before you read the recipe given below, let me explain a fine line between “Marinade” and “BBQ Sauce”!!!  – Marinade is a strong-flavored liquid with thick consistency that is used to soak veggies… Continue reading