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Mung Sprouts

It’s true… You’ll never get to know how easy it is, without trying by your own!!! I find myself sprouting often since I got to know the perfect process of doing it… I… Continue reading


An effective use of left-over breads or bread sides for making breadcrumbs at home!!! Try it out… METHOD: – Cut them into pieces and arrange all the pieces in a baking tray.– Keep it… Continue reading

Home-made Tortillas

Why to buy ready-to-use tortillas when it’s quite easy n quick to make at home? Turn your routine meal into something special with these wraps or transform your tiffin into a treasure box!… Continue reading

Goda Masala

Before marriage, I always had at least one Maharastrian family in neighborhood & so I got to have their special dishes every now n then (Thanks to “Vaatiki-Vyahvar” in India, which is one of… Continue reading