Mung Sprouts

It’s true… You’ll never get to know how easy it is, without trying by your own!!! I find myself sprouting often since I got to know the perfect process of doing it…

I have taken mung beans here, which is the quickest one possible :)


1 cup mung beans
3 cups hot water


– Soak mung beans of your choice in hot water for 5-6 hours
– Drain all water out of it and transfer it to a big bowl.
– Cover with a damp cloth and keep it in warm place for 24 hours.

– Sprinkle some water on a damp cloth when it dries out.
– Major keys to use “Mung Sprouts” are:
  • Make kebabs / tikkis
  • Add in different chinese varieties i.e. hakka noodles, fried rice etc.
  • Toss as a salad with dressing made of lemon juice, salt and pepper! 
  • Cook as a side-dish with very little of spices…