Cholar Dal

Any sort of dal preparation always falls in my comfort-food! A few weeks back, better I say on a lazy weekday evening… I wanted to have a quick meal that makes me spend more time watching tv :P And yes, since I read a bengali cholar dal recipe somewhere while surfing over blogosphere, I decided to try it out! I made it before but I didn’t even remember the taste or texture of this dal.

Asked my hubby if he would be fine to have cholar dal with a bowl of jeera rice n he agreed! I got a fistful of chana dal, pressure-cooked, tempered n cooked again… n bingo!!! It was ready to serve… I loved the taste, but more I loved my ‘Cholar Dal‘ with visible n crunchy bites :) Simply superb it was… I’m sure it’s not an authentic one, but must-try dish for sure!

cholar dal


1 cup Chana Dal
1 Garlic Clove (minced)
1/2 tsp Chopped Green Chillies
1 Chopped Onion (medium in size)
½ Chopped Tomato
1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
A pinch of Asafoetida (hing)
2 tsp Lemon Juice
1 tsp Cumin Powder
1 small cinnamon stick
2 Green Cardamom
2-3 Cloves
1 small Bay Leaf
1 small Dry Red Chilly
Salt, to taste
4 tsp Ghee


  1. Soak chana dal for 3-4 hours in plenty of water and pressure-cook it for 4 whistles. Drain excess water (reserve ½ cup of it) and keep it aside.
  2. Heat 2 tsp ghee in a pan and add cumin seeds, hing.
  3. Once it crackles, add chopped onions, green chillies and minced garlic. Saute it for a minute.
  4. Add pressure-cooked chana dal in pan along with reserved water.
  5. Add all the spices and mix well. Cook for covered for 10 mins.
  6. Once done, transfer it to a serving bowl.
  7. Heat 2 tsp ghee in a tadka pan and add all whole garam masala into it.
  8. Once it starts getting brown in color, drizzle this over prepared dal. Cover it quickly with a dish or lid for 2-3 mins to retain aroma.
  9. Garnish with coriander leaves and drizzle lemon juice before serving it with a plate of steamed basmati rice!


  • Bachelors – Eliminate whole garam masala and make this one! Quick and substantial to eat :)