Buttered Corn

Anyone from India must have heard about ‘Kankaria Lake’ for sure! I used to live just on a walking distance from the lake for long years. Many times I used to go for a morning walk with oldie-goldie friends, to feel a pleasant foggy atmosphere around lake. Lemme clarify first, my reason for those walks was mainly to enjoy Maska-bun/Neero/Amla Juice n all :P

Even after dinner, I loved visiting those food-stalls with buddies to enjoy fuzzy food!!! Barafgola, American Corn (it is what they call), Kulfi, Kali topi lambi mooch wala Jaljeera, Omlette n many more things…

A 10/- wala bowl of ‘Boiled Corn’ with a dollop of butter in it was one of my favorites :D Had some corn in stock, so made this quickly to get myself transported back in those days!!! :)

buttered corn


1 cup Boiled Corn
1 tbsp Butter
A pinch of Red chilly powder
1 tsp Lemon Juice
Salt, to taste


– Mix everything in a bowl.
– Take a spoon n enjoy :)


– If you are using pre-boiled corn then keep them in boiling water for a while or microwave it for 30 sec first!