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Khooba Roti

I never mentioned about one of my very close friends since I was a little baby, n that’s my ‘MAAMI‘ :) I wanted to make the best of her dishes and introduce her… Continue reading

Cabbage Paratha

Did you just say ‘Gobhi Paratha’??!!! Ufff… this term confuses me at the most :( Whenever I come across any pic or recipe named ‘Gobhi ke Parathe’, I get myself straight to read… Continue reading

Phulka Roti

I always love replicating what my mum used to cook for us! I love reliving my mum’s life… Dad used to come back from work @ around 6 in the evening, I n… Continue reading

Jeera Bhakhri

I didn’t grow up eating any fancy breakfast! No pancakes, no half-fried, french toast etc. etc. I still enjoy that biscuit-type bhakhri, made for dinner previous night!!! Mum used to apply a dollop… Continue reading