Detailed Review: Food Panda

When a team of problem solvers, designers, thinkers & tinkers sit together, they build a system like ‘Food Panda‘ :) What do you expect to have when you’re tired of take-away from the same place? Or eating that boring office tiffin? Of course, you’ll look for more options of getting some yummy food in easy, faster and fun-way!!!


I would love to highlight a few amazing features of this website:

  1. It’s not only for India! They’ve their system running in nearly 40 countries :) Isn’t it great?
  2. More than 3000 restaurants of India are included in their database.
  3. They cover all cuisines for you to pick your favorite from…
  4. Even many restaurants offer special discounts too… Don’t miss to subscribe to stay updated with those deals!
  5. Detailed information of all restaurants i.e. open hours, delivery charges (if any), delivery time, min. order etc.
  6. Complete menu of a restaurant with price listing, which can be added to your order from there and then only.
  7. User reviews are allowed for helping others to order!
  8. Not only that, they accept the payments online or a wonderful ‘Cash on Delivery‘ option is offered too!


Yesterday, I was talking to my youngest cousin regarding this website and she was curiously asking me what all they offer. She’s too young to have a credit/debit card and so paying online never works for her (other than using dad’s card) ;) And when I told her that they have ‘COD‘ option (cash on delivery) too, she jumped with joy!!! Now I’m sure this girl is going to order lots of food from her favorite restaurants when they’re planning an instant party ;)

I recommend you to download their mobile application for keeping it handy all the time: