A day @ OM Vegetarian

Recently I got to spend a day with my camera @ OM Vegetarian, located in city area. I was amazed to know that they serve a ‘Core-Vegetarian Thaali‘ consisting of all major components of your meal (i.e. Grain, Lentils, Veggies and Rice) just in $6.50… You read it right, all you can eat in $6.50 only :) And that too with re-filled option open. And more to this, you can pick supplements like tangy pickle, papad, sweet, samosa/vada, simple/mango lassi and zesty salad in minimal additional cost. Ohhh yes, they offer ‘Vegan’ & ‘Gluten-Free’ meals too :) Isn’t it all that you need for a satisfying & balanced diet?

Om Vegetarian1

Having visited this place for so many times, I found all girls (staff) very friendly to their customers! And even their service is quite faster like how you see in any Gujarati Dining Hall :P

When I just went for a site inspection as I was supposed to arrange a food-photography session in no-rush hours, I met the owner for the 1st time. He’s a typical North-Indian man with very loving nature! I reached in-time for clicking their dishes on pre-decided day… You can see a glimpse of my work here, which is now a part of their new menu-board :)

Om Vegetarian

I was too tired to have a seat and enjoy my meal at the end of long photography session, so just had a cup of masala tea there and returned with lots of work to finish!

Om Vegetarian2

2 weeks back, I visited OM again and felt so happy to see my work on their menu-board <3 Finally, I got 2 take-away meals from there to enjoy my meal with hubby at home & write a detailed review :) My work experience at OM was definitely amazing. And we absolutely enjoyed our meal too!

The food was yummy. I better put it in ‘Saatvik‘ food category as it was cooked with so much simplicity, less spices retaining authentic Indian taste. Well, you better don’t expect spicy-oily-unhealthy food here as it’s more kind of meal that we cook at home on daily basis :)

I’m thankful to the owner & his family for giving me an opportunity to work with them… Looking forward to have wonderful time with them in ‘Soon-to-Start‘ projects too :)

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