Me ‘n’ Balinese Cooking

What a wonderful gift it was!!! I never expected myself to step into a traditional Balinese kitchen ever. Wait… Let me start jotting down those moments from the beginning :)

I was curious to know more about Balinese food during our trip to Bali last month. A thought came across my mind but I was in dilemma whether it’s a good choice to spend half day in learning dishes from that cuisine when you’re on a romantic trip!!! Well, lucky I am… Everything was well-planned… Hubby had already booked the best cooking coaching for me to make my ‘Valentine’s Day‘ very special <3

My morning started with a trip to their local super-market where we (a bunch of 14 people) got introduced to Balinese fruits and vegetables… Then after, we were taken to the rice fields to know more about their yearly rice-crop, varieties of rice and basic irrigation system etc. An hour later, we reached the destination – @ Cooking Class, which I found to be a traditional Balinese house with the most beautiful interior!!!


A wonderful start with basic skills testing… We had to prepare everything for the dishes to be cooked i.e. cutting, chopping and grinding different ingredients like tofu, beans, peanuts, vegetables etc. And then the cooking activity started… A mouth-watering mushroom soup, veggie satay, steamed tofu, nasi goreng, sweet ‘n’ sour tempeh, beans salad, balinese curry and a banana based dessert for the perfect ending!


Believe me, the chef and her helpers were so good hearted… They made us feel like home for all hours. Guided me whenever we needed, helped us cooking with a perfect technique and of course, took up all the tasks that took longer i.e. satay grilling, steaming, boiling, plating etc.!!! I was so happy while cooking these all dishes under chef Pushpa’s guidance! But felt more happiness when I got to taste all what I cooked :P Starter, main course and dessert, everything was just so perfect! Hubby came along for capturing my experience in his camera, so he too was pretty much impressed with the food quality and taste…


I really can’t thank him enough for this best-ever gift on such a special day!!! But stay safe… Now he, himself has raised my expectation bar a bit ;)