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I simply love ‘Cholafali’!!! May be more ‘coz my mum is an expert in making these ‘Diwali-Special’ munchies :) She makes it in whole-sale quantity n I remember, I used to resist a… Continue reading

Besan ke Laddoo

I love a beautiful aroma of roasting besan for making any dish in my kitchen! But if I feel the same aroma at my place in India, I get strong vibes of having… Continue reading

Sev-Style Chakri

Do you find chakri making process a bit tough? Exact consistency of dough, one chakri at time, folding process etc… I actually enjoy making it, but for a change, I thought of trying… Continue reading

Punjabi Mathri

Even if someone else is cooking ‘n’ not me, I love standing next to the counter in kitchen always… One fine morning… Mum took a tin of vegetable ghee (dalda) n poured over… Continue reading

Turiya-Patra nu Shaak – by, Linsy Patel

I always get a big smile on my face when I meet or talk to someone who had been at the places before where I used to go! Linsy of ‘Real Home Cooked… Continue reading


While making any sweet dish, I always find myself confused on the proportion of sugar/jaggery to be added! And I’m sure I never ever will be able to do that accurately… by myself… Continue reading

Namkeen Sev

Call it Namkeen Sev or Indian Fried noodles ;) Very crisp and delicious ‘Sev’ can be prepared using gram flour and it is highly used in variety of Indian chat dishes as well… Continue reading

Panipuri with Ragda

Do you think it needs an introduction at all??!!! ‘Puchka’ of Kolkata, ‘Gol Gappe’ of Delhi n ‘Panipuri’ of Gujarat… Doesn’t matter what you call these tiny puffed crispy balls, it’s something I… Continue reading

Pudina Pani for Panipuri

It was around 8 pm n hubby was busy watching some ‘Food Technicals’ on TV! Even I do watch them with high interest… But he found me disinterested that night. And he wondered… Continue reading