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It was a wonderful evening! I have said it many times before… And still saying that the best thing about weekend meet-ups is ‘Fun, Food & Friends’ all together. Recently, that oldie-goldie school… Continue reading

Adadiya Paak

Truly said, it’s a beauty of winter! Or I should say, a beauty of Indian Cuisine :) Every month, season, event have its own set of delicacies to be enjoyed. Quite like we… Continue reading

Vaghareli Khichdi

When I was a kid, I always felt ‘Khichdi’ was a typical Gujju food! Never knew that many states of India have their own version of it :) Have never tried those varieties… Continue reading

Kaju Mesoob – by, Mum

In past 7-8 years before my marriage, most of my mornings started with mum’s shouts to get up n go for shower!!! But many of those mornings had a wonderful aromatic welcome :)… Continue reading


I’m a salad lover!!! Not that I love making different dressing for it everytime, it works great even if I make it the simplest way… And as far as I know, there’s nothing… Continue reading

Lili Bataki ~ Baby potatoes cooked in Green Gujarati Gravy

A week back, I planned to make something using my cute baby potatoes… I use them wisely everytime as I can’t afford to spend them for any dish that’s not finger-licking good! Think…… Continue reading


A few months back, while going through all the categories of posts one by one… I was suprized by not seeing “Khandvi” anywhere! Well, that’s a matter of shock more than worry actually…… Continue reading

Instant Rava Dhokla

Summer is on!!! When I can’t miss to make Aam-Ras, I absolutely have to make dhokla to go with it :) Well, ‘White Dhokla’ goes without saying for me :) A classic gujju… Continue reading

Bhakhri Pizza

“What do you want to have in dinner?” A lady questioned her daughter. “Want some pizza slices with loads of cheese!” A fuzzy eater replied. “It’s not good to eat pizza every other… Continue reading