Bhakhri Pizza

What do you want to have in dinner?” A lady questioned her daughter.
Want some pizza slices with loads of cheese!” A fuzzy eater replied.
It’s not good to eat pizza every other day…” A lady shouted.
Then make Bhakhri & Onion-Potato Subzi!!!” Daughter responsed calmly.

A lady, tired of her daughter’s picky eating habits, made crisp biscuit style Bhakhris and a routine dry subzi with onions n potatoes cut into sticks. She also prepared a salad with onions n tomatoes, thinking her daughter would love this at least! And it was 7:30 pm… Settled down at dining table! So suddenly, a daughter stood up, went straight to freezer, got a cheese cube with grater and settled back on her chair… Took a bhakhri, spreaded some ketchup, then a layer of subzi with salad on top and grated cheese over it!!! And she repeated this for 3 times… Finally she got to enjoy her pizza anyways :P

Funny… isn’t it? That’s me n my mum :P I still love having those pizzas for a change… Believe me, I made it last week and hubby loved it too :) Of course, I sprinkled some cheese but not like how I used to!!!

bhakhri pizza

Have you ever tried making such pizzas??!!! If yes, share your versions here…