Want to order chocolates?

Knock Knock!!! Here is your home-made chocolate-box :) Hehe… Isn’t it always great to have a gift in form of chocolates? I would be more than happy to order it for myself too :P

I have someone who can help you feel the same!!! You have already met her before on my cooking space as a guest, but this time I’m re-introducing her as a business owner of ‘Choco Fantasy’ :) Having a collection of chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, muffins for you to pick from… Pure Blisssssssss!!! Here you go with my chit-chat with her on this wonderful business…


1] Tell me something about your business! How did it get started?

Being a food blogger and a person passionate towards cooking, I try out many different varieties of dishes. One day, somehow I landed into a you tube link showing how to make homemade chocolates. I was pretty impressed to see that and thought to give it a try. Tried out different varieties of chocolates and started giving them to my friends, family, as birthday gifts etc. Got good response from them and then it came to my mind as to why not start a business in a small way. That’s how it started.

2] Top inspiration for starting a local business?

There was no such inspiration, it all started because I wanted to do something different that people would love and chocolates are loved by all. I love baking a lot and initially, I had an idea to start cupcakes and cookies. But then I thought to start with homemade chocolates and gradually take up cookies and cupcakes. With god’s grace, I got some orders for cookies too and now next is cupcakes :)

3] Any events you organized so far?

I recently conducted an exhibition cum sale in My Home Navadweepa, Hyderabad. Got good response and enjoyed a lot. Got a call from Meridian school to put a stall there, so that will be my next event. Will introduce my cupcakes also there. Hope to get a good response.

4] If I want to buy some chocolates, which ones do you recommend?

I would recommend a pack of assorted chocolates (Dark) as you can enjoy different flavours in one kit. Moreover, I would prefer Dark, as it is said that they are good for your heart, brain, controls blood sugar, full of antioxidants, high in vitamins and minerals etc.. but of course has to be taken in limited quantity.

choco fantasy

5] Which flavors do you n your kids like the most?

To tell the truth, I like all varieties of chocolates, but prefer Dark chocolates more. My elder daughter likes White chocolate more than the rest, but my younger daughter is a fan of all my chocolates. I have no problem in giving them my chocolates, as it is hygienic and I know what goes into it.

6] Are you open to make customized chocolates?

Sure, actually I make chocolates in made to order basis. So if the customer needs a specific variety, I will do that for them according to their preference.

7] What are your plans for expansion?

Right now, iam taking orders only from Hyderabad. If the person is bit far from my place, I send the chocolates through courier (locally). Iam planning to take orders from other states too. With god’s grace, this might happen soon.

8] Where can we catch you?

E-mail: nimmy.chocofantasy@gmail.com or nimragnit@gmail.com
Blog: http://nimmyskitchen.blogspot.in/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Chocofantasy or http://www.facebook.com/nimmyskitchen

Wish you all the very best, Nimmy for this new venture! And I’m expecting a big pack of chocolates when I visit India next time ;)