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Almond Fudge (Badam Paak)

Before leaving for a trip to India, I thought of making some sweet dish for mandir bhog… But due to lack of ingredients in my refrigerator, I ended up thinking about easy-peasy ‘Almond… Continue reading

Coriander Roti

I have been making simple phulka roti since I was a kid! Probably that was the 1st thing I got to learn in kitchen… And till now, I’m used to make it at… Continue reading

Jeera Rice

What’s the simplest variety of rice after plain, steamed one? What’s something that you crave for at any roadside dhaaba? What’s the best thing to go with any sort of lentil preparation??? Of… Continue reading


I have an endless list if I talk about my comfort food!!! And why this came across my mind all of a sudden?¬†Well, a few days back I was watching some food-show of… Continue reading

Veg Grilled Sandwich

Find me a single person who doesn’t like sandwiches!!! Possible? Naah…. I’m sure never ever :) I love these on-the-go bites… Works great at lunch time, in tiffin boxes, evening snack… Works even… Continue reading

Spinach-Corn Paratha

How much I love making parathas!!! And when it’s about any sort of stuffed paratha, that serves a complete meal itself :) Till now, I was scared of trying anything using sweet corn,… Continue reading

Coriander Fried Rice

A versatile grain – RICE!!! You can enjoy n no. of varieties if you love experimenting with this grain :) After trying out rice dish with many ingredients i.e. potatoes, paneer, mushroom, lentils,… Continue reading

Vegetable Pulao

I never mentioned before that I absolutely love potluck parties! A table full of novelties… from many cooks, many regions, many ingredients!!! Isn’t it great to have all at once? During primary studies,… Continue reading

Masala Chhas ~ Spiced Buttermilk

As a child, I never used to like any sort of dairy products! Plain milk is still in my hate-list… But gradually, I developed a good taste for all other things i.e. curd,… Continue reading