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Radish-Cucumber Salad

As I said before, I don’t much do with salads on routine day! There are hardly a few days when I want to try some dressing and toss my salad bowl! Dinner was… Continue reading

Ajwain Poori

My container was full of corn crackers for a week and after that, I wanted to make something else to munch on. And while kneading dough for thepla, I saw a spice-box tagged… Continue reading

Kidney Beans Salad

Mostly I prefer salad that can be made in a jiffy, so I go with tomatoes or onions only! But once in a while, I love making a special salad dressing to toss… Continue reading

Corn Crackers

What makes your cuppa tea special? For me, there are 3 things… A wonderful company, non-stop chattering & a bowl of crisp munchies :P I often make such tea-time snacks in-house! And one… Continue reading

Carrot-Orange Juice

A week back, when I was talking to my sister-in-law… She told me that they’ve started simmering new healthy soup almost every alternate day! And ‘bhoot mujhe bhi chad gaya’ :P Anyways, it’s… Continue reading

Mangodi ~ Sundried Moong Dal Wadi

2 months back before I went to India, I was thinking if there’s anyone soon to get married in family??!!! Weird… I know! Actually, if I’ll speak out a reason behind this thought,… Continue reading

Triangular Paratha

Bringing back my childhood memories… :) I was a bit irritating picky eater for whom mum used to run across the house just to make me eat 2-3 bites of anything. One thing… Continue reading

Gobhi-Palak Curry

Back at home in India, I was organizing spinach leaves in a big airy container… I didn’t much bother about where to use that much quantity, thinking that ‘Palak-Paneer’ or ‘Spinach Paratha’ was… Continue reading

Amla Juice ~ Indian Gooseberry Juice

Nearly 2 years back, I used to go for a morning walk at Kankaria Lake. Wasn’t a regular jogger though (as it mostly depended on how early I can get up) ;) To be… Continue reading