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Jeera Aloo

Do you remember what dish you got to learn 1st in the kitchen? I certainly do… I started my culinary journey with roti at the age of 5-6 :) I always loved process… Continue reading

Aloo-Methi Paratha

Yesterday I dropped a message on facebook to get myself out of confusion what to post next!!! Now I have received majority of comments saying ‘Sizzler’ but as Tulsi (my sister-in-law) and Ruchita… Continue reading

Achaari Gobhi

Don’t really know if that’s true for you or not… But to me, a dollop of pickle or even pickling spice always enhances the taste of any paratha or subzi :) I keep… Continue reading

Puri for Panipuri

Panipuri? Puchka? GolGappa? Who doesn’t like it??!!! That has been my favorite since I was a kid. It’s easy to get those perfect round balls (puris) at any street-vendor in India… But here,… Continue reading

Tomato Rice

If you ask me, “What’s my current obsession?” My response if surely going to be “Neurons of my brain are highly pre-occupied with what all dishes I can prepare using tomatoes” :) I… Continue reading

Tomato Paratha

Routine day it was… I was tired after completing my pending work! Wanted to relax for rest of the day and definitely didn’t want to apply high-efforts for dinner. Something quick, easy yet… Continue reading

Matar Kachori

I get to talk to my mum nearly everyday! My day doesn’t end without knowing what she cooked for lunch n what’s going to be her dinner… Also, one thing that I never… Continue reading

Dahi ke Kebab

Confessing that I never had these magical kebabs before! When I read Tanu’s recipe, I too was in dilemma whether to try it or not… Oops, I never doubted her recipe, but wasn’t… Continue reading

Smoky Eggplant Bharta

Every choice coming in your way has its own consequences to follow!!! Blogging-Cooking-Photographing… Each of these has brought many pros n cons together :P Yes, these are 3 top-most activities I’m so much… Continue reading