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Kale Chane ki Subzi ~ (Black Chickpeas Curry)

As I said earlier, I’m focusing on my pressure-cooker these days! A few days back, I was tempted to make a curry using desi chana (black chickpeas) which I used to eat almost… Continue reading

Mixed Dalvada

Too long n I haven’t penned down non-sense here… Huh!!! It’s not about posting a lovely story or behind the scenes always… Well, all that I’m saying ‘coz I don’t have any specific… Continue reading

Achaari Aloo

Will you call me a cheater if I confess that I broke my own recipe-rule this time??!!! Hehe… I won’t mind if you do so… ‘coz I know I did that just to… Continue reading

Baked Samosa

I always love pairing up my cuppa tea with a plate of hot Aloo Samosas! And so I call these tiny triangle short-crust pastry stuffed with boiled potato n peas as ‘Chamosa’ only… Continue reading

Soya Kofta

‘Kofta’ – Any North-Indian curry with these deep-fried dumplings is the most favorite dish of my family… Probably the most ordered one too when we eat out :) I remember one of the… Continue reading

Chhola Pulao

Leftovers – I pretty much have a love-hate relationship with it!!! When it comes to be any normal subzi-roti, I can never have them again on the next day… But if it’s something… Continue reading


Hey Foodies… How is this festive season going for you all? Back in India, all malls/stores must be jam-packed with people, tailors/readymade garment stores must have long lines for stitching or getting colorful… Continue reading

Tomato Soup

Few days back, I posted something with strong vibes of summer! And it’s all gone… Cold, Rainy, Windy weather since then :( I just wanted to be cozy in my bed with a… Continue reading

Butter Chakri

Many a times during last few months, I thought of making Butter Chakri at home… Twice I store-bought it, twice I asked my mum her recipe, but never tried to execute it! Don’t… Continue reading