Orange Cupcakes

A very dear friend of mine delivered a ‘Baby Girl’ on 1st of this month! This calls for a grand celebration… First of all, heartily congratulations to a lovely couple ‘Hit & Raj’…… Continue reading

Purple Yam Chat

I love visiting Nathdwara (one of the most religious places in India), obviously ‘coz I’ve blind belief in Shrinathji :) A completely religious place is a hub for hot, lip-smacking vegetarian food too!!!… Continue reading

Tandoori Gobhi n Aloo

Mostly roasting/grilling is not the cooking technique that comes first in your mind when you have cauliflower on hand!!! But try making this dish, and I’m sure you’ll prefer it almost every time… Continue reading

Paneer Quesadilla

I’m back with a dinner-time treat for everyone! A simple, quick and colorful stuffed bread – “Paneer (Cottage-cheese) Quesadilla” is something I loved the most in ‘Fusion’ food… :) Thought of making Quesadilla… Continue reading

Special Salad

I love when my 5-year old niece – Ishita gives me very helpful tips on making desserts, especially to decorate cupcakes!!! Usually, she takes her mom’s phone n chats with me but this… Continue reading

Recipes in SantaBanta Magazine

My recipes on SantaBanta Magazine, July Edition!!! Hurray…. Again, it’s time to celebrate :) Find the same recipes on SJ’s Food Court: Veg Kofta Curry: Mushroom Spaghetti: Kabab Kabuliwala: Chilli Paneer:

Aloo Paratha

It happened many a times before marriage when my hubby asked me what all I had in lunch/dinner & I replied in a word – “Aloo Paratha”!!! He used to wonder how many… Continue reading

Mixed Beans Curry

What’s something that you can make quickly when not getting any idea what to cook??!!! I always keep a can or two of various beans available in my kitchen… Reasons: First, I’m a… Continue reading

Greek Veggie Wrap

A perfect wrap for a lunch or dinner – “Greek Veggie Wrap”!!! Pretty much inspired by Greek cooking and ingredients, tried out this yummy roasted veggies with spinach leaves wrapped in a wheat… Continue reading