Special Salad

I love when my 5-year old niece – Ishita gives me very helpful tips on making desserts, especially to decorate cupcakes!!! Usually, she takes her mom’s phone n chats with me but this time she asked her mom to share a pic of the dish she made :) 
Ishi tried out this colorful looking salad by herself… And also told me the steps to follow for making it!!! Have met her just once when she was a year old!!! Now I’m desperately waiting for her to visit me on one of her summer vacations :) 

STEPS TO FOLLOW (shared by Ishi):

– Roughly cut carrot, tomato, cucumber and strawberries into chunks.
– Chop cilantro (coriander) leaves and add into it. Add grapes too.
– A pinch of sugar, salt and pepper for seasoning.
– Pour a little lemon juice as a dressing!!!


– You can use lettuce leaves too.