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Paneer Kofta Curry

‘Kofta’ – I have been eating these koftas since my mum started making North-Indian dishes in-house! I’m not so bold enough to try varieties of koftas like mum… As I got to taste… Continue reading

Aloo Masaledar

I’m in love with Potato forever! Anything cooked with this root-veggie is always a hit in my kitchen… But if I think of making something as a bachelor, I definitely go for simple… Continue reading

Soya-Beans Paniyaram

Being a protein-lover, I kept a big pack of soya granules in-house but hardly ever used it! May be ‘coz it’s hard to bring flavors in this source of protein… Even if I… Continue reading

Aloo Puff

Doesn’t matter if I prepare each dish in-house, I still feel that there are many snacks/munchies which doubles my joy while eating on streets :P ‘Aloo Puff’ which is usually known as ‘Veg… Continue reading

Minty Potatoes

Every time we visit ‘Nathdwara’, my mum gets a bunch of fresh pudina from there :D I know it’s crazy, but you can’t get that fresh n fragrant mint leaves in local market!… Continue reading

Makhmali Kebab

Makhmaliii… When you hear this word, what’s the 1st thing coming to your mind??!!! My mind starts thinking about a material my mum uses to make thokorji’s outfits n other shringaar :) Something… Continue reading

Potato Biryani

I go mad when I find my kitchen overloaded with potatoes!!! Usually when I switch in lazy mood during weekend nights, I prefer making a one-pot meal for a change. Last weekend, I… Continue reading

Lasaniya Bataka || Garlicky Baby Potatoes

‘Happy Rakhi Day’ to my lovely brothers for being there for me all the time!!! :) A beautiful day to cherish a beautiful relation of brother-sister… Ideally, I should post something sweet for… Continue reading

QuickFix Potato Subzi

I hardly run out of recipes to make in my kitchen!!! And it happened last week when we planned to go for a movie in evening 6:15 show… It was 3:30 when I… Continue reading