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Dum Aloo

One dish that my hubby is absolutely in love with – “Dum Aloo“!!! I made it several times and he wasn’t satisfied with the end result… He always said it wasn’t as good… Continue reading

Langarwali Aloo-Gobhi

What is the best dish you prepared using gobhi??!!! For me, it’s this – “Langarwali Aloo Gobhi”. As I said in ‘Langarwali Dal’ post before, I still haven’t been to Gurudwara ever :(… Continue reading

Veg Grilled Sandwich

Find me a single person who doesn’t like sandwiches!!! Possible? Naah…. I’m sure never ever :) I love these on-the-go bites… Works great at lunch time, in tiffin boxes, evening snack… Works even… Continue reading

Hasselback Potatoes

One more side to go with any of my Videshi dishes – “Hasselback Potatoes” :P Last week when I was going through the pages I like, I stopped for a while when I… Continue reading

Stuffed Baati

One dish that I cook the most in my kitchen is ‘Daal-Baati’ :) I remember one of my aunties used to make it when she had plenty of time to plan and cook!… Continue reading

Jeera Aloo

Do you remember what dish you got to learn 1st in the kitchen? I certainly do… I started my culinary journey with roti at the age of 5-6 :) I always loved process… Continue reading

Lili Bataki ~ Baby potatoes cooked in Green Gujarati Gravy

A week back, I planned to make something using my cute baby potatoes… I use them wisely everytime as I can’t afford to spend them for any dish that’s not finger-licking good! Think…… Continue reading

Aloo-Methi Paratha

Yesterday I dropped a message on facebook to get myself out of confusion what to post next!!! Now I have received majority of comments saying ‘Sizzler’ but as Tulsi (my sister-in-law) and Ruchita… Continue reading

Malai Kofta

‘Malai Kofta’ & ME!!! :( Grrrrr… Never… Naah, never ever! As you know, I don’t much like sweets and a big NO-NO when it comes to be a sweet gravy/curry. Back in India,… Continue reading